Theo CMS Released!


I just released the new Theo CMS - an ultra lightweight content management system over at

FE is now using it, and I'm going through old posts in my spare time to consider for re-posting.

Theo's primary goal is to be ultra light yet contain all the essential features of larger CMSs. Throw in the easy to use interface and it's a perfect solution for running multiple sites on a low end VPS!

Theo's obviously great on larger servers and shared hosting too. The small footprint and speedy response times allow very busy sites to serve all those pages without the drag or server load.

Theo requires PHP and MySQL (or MariaDB) and includes an easy install script to get you up and running in no time. Theming uses standard practice, so there's no templating engine to learn - and you can expand Theo if needed with plugins.

All the features and a Getting Started guide are listed on Theo's site, along with a forum where you can get help and find themes. Download and get started today!test file

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